Shifting the lines against central nervous system disorders

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Theranexus' therapeutics strategy is based on simultaneously targeting neurons and glial cells by creating and developing innovative combinations of two distinct drugs:

  • a CNS drug targeting neuronal activity (antidepressants, psychostimulants, etc.);
  • a drug targeting glial cells (more specifically, astrocytes).

By working right at the heart of the cellular environment of neurons, these combinations should maximize neuron response to CNS drugs, thereby resulting in a range of medication that can more effectively treat the neurological conditions selected.

A powerful technological platform, generating
a diversified portfolio of patented drugs

This innovative positioning has enabled Theranexus to roll out a platform for generating and developing high value-added drug candidates with:

  • an immediate superior positioning versus first-line treatments (where they exist), for conditions with significant unmet medical needs, even in the early phases of development;
  • a new monopoly on use for the combination and its therapeutic use in the treatment of a series of conditions via a patent protecting the combination as an original composition;
  • a higher probability of success, a shorter time-to-market and lower costs by tapping into the body of knowledge already available on the two drugs.