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Charlotte and Craig Benson established the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation in August 2008 after their five-year-old daughter Christiane was diagnosed with Juvenile Batten Disease. Together with other families affected by Batten disease and supporters who share their hope and determination, they work tirelessly to create a better future for Christiane and all children with Batten disease.

BBDF has invested more than $35 million raised through direct philanthropic giving, partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and institutions, and has invested in more than 40 separate research projects.

It chose to partner with Theranexus because of its experience and expertise in neurodegenerative and neurological lysosomal diseases in the field of preclinical, regulatory and clinical development.

Theranexus is pursuing its development program in juvenile Batten disease in partnership with the BBDF Foundation, for which it holds an exclusive worldwide license for the development and commercial exploitation of its Batten-1 asset.