laboratory specialized in the treatment of rare neurological diseases

« A disruptive technology, which can be applied in the treatment of numerous conditions »

THERANEXUS and Beyond Batten Disease Foundation (BBDF) announce the signing of a worldwide exclusive license for Batten disease drug candidate BBDF-101

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THERANEXUS reports cash position as of September 30th 2019

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THERANEXUS announces its first half 2019 results

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A new milestone reached for Theranexus: inclusion of last patient in phase II trial for THN102 in Parkinson’s patients

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THERANEXUS announces inclusion of last subject in its phase 1b trial of THN201

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THERANEXUS announces the publication of two scientific papers and a presentation at the European pain congress (EFIC) to be held on 3-7 September in Valencia, Spain

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THERANEXUS raises approximately 2.2 million euros in a placement reserved to a category of persons 

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THERANEXUS announces the launch of a capital increase by private placement for a maximum amount of euro 4 million

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THERANEXUS reports cash position as of June 30th 2019

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Theranexus and Beyond Batten Disease Foundation (BBDF) announce agreement in
principle to develop and market Batten disease drug candidate BBDF 101

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THERANEXUS invited to join in the HealthTech Investor Days (HTDI) 24 & 25 June in Paris

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THERANEXUS announces the formation of its scientific Board

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THERANEXUS to present new data on neuron-glia interactions at two scientific events

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THERANEXUS announces issuance of Chinese patent covering its drug candidate THN102

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THERANEXUS provides 2018 full-year results and update on activities

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THERANEXUS announces research collaboration with IRISA using artificial intelligence technologies to enhance therapeutic targeting of neuroglial interactions

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THERANEXUS to present new scientific data on drug candidate THN201 at AD/PD 2019, the 14th conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases

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THERANEXUS announces preliminary results of phase II trial of THN102 on narcolepsy patients

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THERANEXUS reports cash position as of 31 December 2018 and provides update on current status of activities

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THERANEXUS set to receive €6.2 million in funding from the French Investments for the
Future program, managed by Bpifrance, for the development of Neurolead,
its new lead generation platform targeting neuro-glia interactions

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