laboratoire spécialiste du traitement des maladies neurologiques rares

« Une technologie de rupture déclinable dans de nombreuses pathologies neurologiques »

> Communiqués de presse 2016

Inclusion of the first patient in the phase II clinical study that aims to test THN102 in patients affected by narcolepsy
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Theranexus has obtained an orphan drug designation from the FDA for THN102 in the treatment of narcolepsy
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Theranexus and its partners receive support from the FUI (French Inter-ministry Fund) for their project, Cx-COG
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Theranexus reaches its primary endpoint in the proof of concept trial of THN102 in Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS)
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Preclinical results published in the specialist medical journal Sleep, Phase II entry of THN102
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