Shifting the lines against central nervous system disorders

> THN102

THN102 is the Theranexus platform's first and flagship product. It has the potential to become the standard of care treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness in Parkinson's disease. THN102 combines modafinil, the current first-line treatment for narcolepsy, and flecainide, a drug repositioned to act on glial cells. It is the company's most advanced drug candidate. THN102 benefits most notably from positive P2a data on efficacy (improvement of patients scores on the Epwrorth scale) and safety (excellent tolerance). THN102 has a high level of intellectual property protection and is covered by a family of patents that will expire in 2034.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) in Parkinson’s disease:

  • 2nd most frequent neurodegenerative disorder;
  • 30% to 50% of Parkinson’s disease patients affected by EDS;
  • No treatments currently available and a limited number of competitors at the clinical development stage;
  • Non motor symptoms are the next big challenge together with neuroprotection in the management of the disease.